Two Fresh Trade a few ideas: One USD One Brexit Idea

we’ve a great fall regarding Usd/JPy plus the down trend appears to carry on.  I have two trades for you really to start thinking about, I have presented my trade plans below.

Take a good look at the chart to discover the way I have always been considering trading this.



There’s also a good setup regarding GBP/CAD


I hope these trades are helpful to you, as I know that this type of thing does advantage and really did benefit me personally when I was first starting.  I’d love to hear your ideas on these trades of course you’ve got any trading questions please inform me. Also as an improvement the last two trades we posted regarding the Eur/Aud together with Eur/Usd both resolved actually profitable.

Were you in a position to benefit from those?

These trades are created by my Strike 3.0 System, check the page below for more information in regards to the Strike 3.0 System.

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